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Celebrate 20 years of EXTRALYSE®

A UNIQUE enzyme formulation of pectinases and ß-(1-3; 1-6) glucanases with secondary activity. Allows for optimisation and acceleration of winemaking and ageing processes.


Ageing on lees is an enzymatic degradation of yeast cell compartments (commonly known as “yeast autolysis”) leading to cell-wall degradation. This process results in a reduction in the molecular weight of soluble or insoluble compounds such as glucans, proteins, polypeptides, mannoproteins and polysaccharides. These smaller-sized subunits can be diffused and improve the structure, texture and stability of the wine.

Research work on enzymatic phenomena taking place during wine ageing. Anne Humbert (2005).

Figure 1: Monitoring yeast autolysis by measuring the concentration of nitrogen compounds released in a model medium (in mg/L leucine equivalents) with and without EXTRALYSE® 5 g/hL. Experimental design: alcoholic fermentation of a synthetic must with the yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae 522 D.

This study shows that the specific enzymatic formulation EXTRALYSE® accelerates yeast autolysis by favouring the release of a larger quantity of molecules of interest, while also improving wine filterability and clarification.
This study allowed the isolation of three peptide fractions; the smallest sized (0.5 to 3 KDa) gave the wines an impression of sweetness, detectable after ageing on lees. The use of EXTRALYSE® at 5 g/hL allowed the release of twice the quantity of this fraction compared to a control without enzyme (see table).


Use of Extralyse® favours hydrolysis of long-chain colloids, responsible for clogging filters. The Vmax index shows a remarkable improvement in filterability for the wines treated with EXTRALYSE®.


The use of Extralyse® at a dose of 10 g/hL significantly reduces turbidity, thus improving wine clarification.


Extralyse® decreases the microbial load on colloids by improving the sedimentation of suspended particles.


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Formulation of pectolytic enzymes and ß-(1-3) glucanases purified in CE for the improvement of wine filterability and ageing on lees.

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