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Specialist presenters from multiple fields present the latest knowledge of Laffort techniques and products. Click here for a link to your local representative to obtain a recording.


March mouthfeel madness - Mar 12, 2019

In this session Matt Ridge, LAFFORT® USA Technical Representative, will discuss the tools available, such as tannins, mannoproteins, and gum Arabic, and give guidelines for timing and implementation with bottling calendars. Even right before bottling, great increases in quality can be made.

Chitosan - Protection against spoilage microorganisms in the cellar - Jan 16, 2020

Join Shaun Richardson, General Manager at LAFFORT® USA for background on chitosan and how it works as an anti-microbial agent specifically with Brettanomyces. Practical winemaking questions will be addressed, when to use, how to use, advantages and techniques.

Aging tannins - Boost your wine's potential - Jan 23, 2020

Daniel Dycus, LAFFORT® USA Technical Manager, will present a discussion on aging tannins; what they are and when and why to use them. We will cover the different sources of aging tannins, the potential benefits to the wine, and how to conduct bench trials.

Making your wines sparkle - Tirage bottling - Mar 5, 2019

Join Francois Botton, Spark Technical Manager at LAFFORT®, for an informational webinar on the key points to look at for sparkling wine tirage bottling.

Mastering wine stability - Feb 19, 2020

Garett Savage from LAFFORT® will present an in-depth discussion of the factors involved in wine stability; microbiological, protein, color and tartrates.
He will also discuss the potential interactions of enological products and their relationship to stability.

Maximizing wine potential with juice fining - June 25, 2019

In this seminar, Jillian Johnson DeLeon, LAFFORT® USA West Coast Manager, will break down the myth about juice fining lowing the potential quality of a wine. We will introduce new fining agents, discuss the timing of addition, and the ability to prevent oxidation during aging and post bottling.

Bio-protection and reducing SO2 - April 30, 2019

Joana Coulon, Microbiology Manager with BIOLAFFORTt® reviews the results of extensive trials the BIOLAFFORT team have done in the development of our new ZYMAFLORE® EGIDE, mix of Metschnikowia and Torulaspora, adapted for direct application on fruit and juice.

Winemaking yeasts - From the basics to new strains - July 9, 2019

Shaun Richardson, General Manager with LAFFORT® USA will examine the history of Saccharomyces cerevisiae, & how we classify this yeast in winemaking according to some of the most common parameters, the killer factor, fructophilia, nitrogen demand, the capacity to produce vinyl phenols, and SO2 production.

Effective yeast nutrition- The path to clean and dry fermentations - Aug 7, 2018

Clean and dry fermentations are the goal of harvest, allowing winemakers to move forwards and create blends and bottle. Shaun Richardson, General Manager of Laffort® USA will examine yeast nutrition and developing a strategy to ensure completion of fermentation.

Making the right Choice for enzymes for winemaking - July 16, 2019

Join Shaun Richardson, General Manager with LAFFORT® USA to investigate how to choose the best enzyme for specific applications, by differentiating the many types of pectinases.

Using fermentation tannins to preserve natural grape tannins - July 30, 2019

In this seminar Daniel Dycus, LAFFORT® USA Technical Manager, will review the “sacrificial tannin” action & the specific wine quality benefits of using fermentation tannins. Daniel will present research from an experiment using a combination of two different fermentation tannins during grape processing & maceration.

Making your wines sparkle - Base wine preparation - June 11, 2019

Join Francois Botton, Spark Technical Manager at LAFFORT®, for a webinar on the key points to look at for when making base wines at harvest. We will discuss harvest parameters, grape processing and pressing, juice preparation, fining and phenolic management.

Seriously rosé - May 14, 2019

Join Christophe Rossi, LAFFORT® provencal rosé specialist: a seminar addressing the highly technical nature of producing rose wines with numerous complex hues and aromas. LAFFORT® has expanded our expertise to offer a range of targeted products adapted for superior rose wines.

Harvest refresh - Red wine protocols - Aug 6, 2019

Matt Ridge, Technical Representative from LAFFORT® USA will present protocols, products and timing of additions for different styles of red wine fermentation, including non-saccharomyces yeast for bio-protection, fermentation tannins, enzymes, yeast selection, and fermentation nutrition.

Harvest refresh - White & rosé wine protocols - Aug 13, 2019

Examine the products & protocols for making aromatic white & rosé wines with Marcy Mallette, Technical Representative from LAFFORT® USA. Marcy will look at pressing techniques, juice fining, stabulation, yeast selection, fermentation nutrition & aroma protection with glutathione.

Harvest refresh - Malolactic fermentation - Aug 27, 2019

Join Joana Coulon, Microbiology Manager with BIOLAFFORT® for a review on ML fermentation and an in-depth look at malic acid, how to complete ML in high and low malic acid conditions, a discussion on diacetyl, and a review of the LAFFORT® range of ML bacteria.

Stuck Fermentations with Garett Savage - Dec 12, 2019

Struggling with stuck or sluggish fermentations? Join Garett Savage, Technical Representative with LAFFORT® USA as he talks about causes and treatment.

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