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Decision Making Tools

LAFFORT® has several Decision Making Tools (DMT) available, to assist you in various stages of winemaking and ageing. 

Yeast nutrition: nitrogen adjustment

Decision Making Tools to calculate organic and/or inorganic nitrogen additions to allow complete alcoholic fermentations, expressing the character of the harvest. Learn more

Restarting fermentation (AF)

A customised DMT to facilitate the implementation of a starter culture to restart a stuck fermentation. Learn more

Calculation of active SO2 and adjustment of free SO2

A specially developed DMT to calculate the active SO2 in your wine, taking account of its physicochemical parameters. Also allows calculation of the necessary dose to adjust the free SO2. Learn more

Unit converter

Temperature, total acidity, mass, volume, density, flow rate, pressure... Select the unit to be converted and obtain the equivalent in the required unit of measurement. Learn more

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