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Microbiology Range

Microbiological analyses by culture require selective growth mediums. Growth mediums available on the market are not generally adapted to oenology. Using its wealth of experience in microbiology, LAFFORT®, in collaboration with EXCELL laboratory, has developed a large range of culture mediums specifically for microbiological analyses of wines and other fermented drinks. Our mediums come ready to use in pre-packaged Petri dishes.

Microorganisms sought


Detection tests to help with the decision


The Botrytest is a quick detection method for laccase activity. It was developed in collaboration with the oenology faculty and approved by many institutions, it can be trusted on grapes, musts and wines.


Pectin test

Pectin test is a test for pectin detection. Easy to implement thanks to its complete and reliable kit, the pectin test is particularly important during flotation or to evaluate the filterability of a wine.



The Carbodoseur makes it easy to determine the CO2 content of the wine.

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