Formula made from chitosan, lysozyme & enzymes for protecting wines against certain microorganisms and particularly lactic bacteria. Biocontrol product.

  • Microbiological protection of white, red and rosé wines following fermentation.
  • Tool for wine vinification in a SO2 reduction strategy.
  • Makes it possible to slow down or even stop MLF in progress or avoid its onset (treatment is possible before or after AF).
  • Synergistic effect of the ß-glucanases and lysozyme on the lactic bacteria, particularly on Pediococcus filaments (the action of the enzyme on the polysaccharides forms a diffuse barrier around the bacteria that can hinder the action of lysozyme).
  • BACTICONTROL® avoids organoleptic deviations due to unfavourable microorganisms.
  • Improvement of wine clarification and filtration.

Product data sheet & safety data sheet

Product data sheet

Product data sheet BACTICONTROL®


Safety data sheet

Safety data sheet BACTICONTROL®


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