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Webinar: Tools for Oxygen Management & Monitoring

Tools for Oxygen Management & Monitoring
Thursday, April 25th 10:00AM PST

Join us for an in depth look at the role of oxygen in winemaking. We will cover general information on oxygen, and look at oxygen transfer and oxygen consumption on a chemical level in wine. We will review the tools available for wineries to measure oxygen in wine throughout the winemaking process.  Bringing it all together, we will discuss controlling dissolved oxygen with micro and macro oxygenation.

About the presenter:
Arnaud Massot has a master’s degree in Vine and Wine Science (2004) with a PhD in Process Engineering from University of Bordeaux (2007). Since February 2018, Arnaud manages the Colloidal Chemistry R&D department at BIOLAFFORT. He ensures the scientific follow-up of conducted projects in collaboration with universities. He also manages, internally, the development of new products. Massot has expertise in fining and stabilization, oxygen transfer phenomena, elimination of chemical contaminants such as pesticide residues and interaction between oenological products and process engineering.


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