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Webinar: Think Pink: Mastering Provencal Rosé

Think Pink: Mastering Provencal Rosé
Tuesday, May 14th 10:00AM PST

Join Christophe Rossi, the LAFFORT® resident Provence Rosé expert, for a presentation of the techniques used in the production of the ever popular elegant and floral Provencal Rosés that are pushing Rosé producers around the globe to change their style. The presentation will cover phenolic management, Stabulation, and Thiol enhancing products and grape processing techniques. After this talk, you will have all the tools and steps to make a rose to compete with the Rosés of Provence. 

About the presenter:
Christophe Rossi joined LAFFORT® in 2014 as the rosé advisor. He was awarded his National Degree in Oenology (DNO) from the Toulouse School of Agronomics. Christophe worked for several years as a cellar manager in Provence, a region well-known for its high-quality rosés. His knowledge of vinification and the rosé market made him a natural choice as our rosé advisor when he joined the LAFFORT® South-East team as area manager for Provence.


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