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Webinar: Bio-Protection and Reducing SO2

Bio-Protection and Reducing SO2
Tuesday, April 30th 10:00AM PST

Wine consumers in Europe have started a trend, demanding wines made with lower SO2. This consumer trend is forcing winemakers to change their winemaking protocols, reducing the SO2 additions throughout the life cycle of winemaking. Non-Saccharomyces yeast strains can be added during fruit processing to replace the first big SO2 addition, utilizing “bio-protection” to keep unwanted spoilage organisms from growing. Join us for a presentation of results from extensive research trials our R&D team did in the development of our new ZYMAFLORE® EGIDE, mix of Metschnikowia and Torulaspora, adapted for direct application on fruit and juice. 

About the presenter:
Joana Coulon is the R&D Manager for Microbiology at BIOLAFFORT since 2011. She manages research projects carried out within the R&D team as well as investigations in collaboration with academic institutions in France and abroad. Joana has a PhD in Biological Sciences (specialized in microbiology and enology) from the University of Bordeaux. She joined the LAFFORT® team after working for 8 years in an extension unit she created at the Vine and Wine Science Institute of Bordeaux.


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