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Webinar: Maximizing Wine Potential with Juice Fining

Maximizing Wine Potential with Juice Fining
Tuesday, June 25th 10:00AM PST

Juice fining is an essential step in white and rose winemaking, but it is often an after thought or considered only for hard press juice segments. In this seminar, we will work to break down the myth about juice fining lowing the potential quality of a wine. We will introduce new fining agents, discuss the timing of addition, and the ability to prevent oxidation during aging and post bottling.   

About the presenter:
Jillian Johnson DeLeon has a degree in Viticulture and Enology from UC Davis and has been actively working as a winemaker since 2000 in South Africa, Australia and in California’s Central Coast. Jillian is the West Coast Sales Manager for LAFFORT® USA, traveling from Washington State to Santa Barbara working with LAFFORT® customers.


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