Formula made from chitosan, vegetable protein (patatin, which is a potato protein isolate) and enzymes for reducing the microbial load, as well as protecting wines against certain unfavourable microorganisms. Biocontrol product.

  • Reduction of the overall microbial load (yeasts, lactic bacteria, acetic acid bacteria*).
  • Plays an “antioxidant” role by eliminating oxidised and oxidisable compounds in white and rosé wines.
  • Tool for wine vinification in a SO2 reduction strategy.
  • Improvement of wine clarification and filtration.
  • Treatment is possible before alcoholic fermentation. Using this formula between AF and MLF can slow down the begining of MLF.

* population reduction under the effect of fining.

Product data sheet & safety data sheet

Product data sheet

Product data sheet MICROCONTROL®


Safety data sheet

Safety data sheet MICROCONTROL®


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