DECAPOL® Extralife


Enzymatic detergent specifically formulated to act on the organic residues that remain in the filtering units after wine filtration.

  • Its enzymatic cocktail allows a deep clean without changing the structure of the filtering materials. Its high oxidative power boosts the elimination of the tannin and polyphenolic residues from red wine filtration.
  • DECAPOL® EXTRALife does not contain surfactants in its formulation, therefore it can be used to clean filter cartridges.
  • This product is particularly adapted to be used on a daily basis when performing a simple cleaning. Also it can be used in combination with other products from the range, DECAPOL® DEEPClean and/or DECAPOL® STONEClear in case of rigorous unclogging or in filter regeneration programs (Please refer to the LAFFORT® Protocol for Use).

Product data sheet & safety data sheet

Product data sheet

Product data sheet DECAPOL® EXTRALife


Safety data sheet

Safety data sheet DECAPOL® EXTRALife


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