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Add to my calendar 08/14/2018 12:00am LAFFORT & YOU – Winemaking Enzymes – Webinar

LAFFORT & YOU – Winemaking Enzymes – Webinar

Winemaking Enzymes:
Understanding the basics of pectin and pectinases

Webinar – August 14th 11:00am PST

In this presentation we go back to the basics of enzyme chemistry, the role of enzymes in winemaking, and uncover the mystery of enzyme “cocktails”. We will also explain how enzymes are produced and the production steps that differentiate enzymes on the market today. The timing and practical usage of winemaking enzymes is explained as we define the LAFFORT® range of enzymes.

About the presenter:
Céline Fauveau is a Global brand manager for LAFFORT® enzymes.
She is a food scientist and enologist from the university of Toulouse, France.
She has over 20 years’ experience in application and marketing of winemaking enzymes.


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